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There is a reason so many of the early pioneers got as far as California’s Sacramento Valley and decided to stay. Imagine what a welcome relief the fertile valley must have been after crossing hundreds of miles of inhospitable desert and rugged mountains. Mather and the surrounding Sacramento Valley are blessed with a benign Mediterranean climate. Almost everything you plant in your garden will grow here! Just be sure to give it some water during the long summer.

Here is a brief description of what you can expect during a typical year…

Morrison Creek - Spring

Morrison Creek – Spring


Spring comes early to Mather. Cherry Blossoms are usually out by Valentines day. Although it can still be cool and stormy until March and April, the first hints of Spring won’t keep you waiting long. By April the area is ablaze with wildflowers and garden flowers and most days are warm and pleasant (70’s and 80’s). This is a great time to view Vernal Pools in the area. May brings the beginning of California’s long dry season, seemingly endless months of beautiful sunshine!


Summers in Mather are warm and long. Although it can be hot, many days are tempered by the famous ‘Delta Breeze’. These breezes bring cool Pacific air from San Francisco bay, through the Sacramento River Delta to air condition Sacramento on summer evenings. Days are usually in the 90’s and nights cool to a comfortable high 50’s to 60’s

Morrison Creek - Late Summer

Morrison Creek – Late Summer


Fall makes itself known as the days begin to draw in by September. Sacramento and Mather usually enjoy an ‘Indian Summer’ and temperatures are still in the 80’s during the day. By the end of September and much of October the days have cooled to the 70’s and the nights are cool and crisp. By October most trees are beginning to change color.


Compared with most of the United States, Winters in Mather are very mild. From November through February temperatures are cool during the day (mid 50’s) and there are about 20 nights a year with a frost. Many days are shrouded with Tule Fog that envelopes the area like a cloak. Snow is almost unheard of. Winter is the rainy season in Northern California and it is this time of year that gives us most of our water. By the end of Winter the hills are green, the flowers are out and everyone is preparing to enjoy another beautiful Spring!

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